My Problem with the LGBT Community

Over those past few years, minority groups started getting more of their rights, or at least what they claim they are, including the so called LGBT community. Among those people are some who deserve them and some who do not. I'm not here to offend nor to defend anybody, but I'll be using my usual neutrality to explain a few logical ideas to humans from homosexuals to heterosexuals to bisexuals to homophobes, and I hope what I say gets understood. As I said, I am not here to offend. I definitely do not have a problem with a person because of their gender or sexual preference. Actually, I do not have a problem with any human as long as they respect me and do not bother me. Homosexuality has always existed in human nature, and it's something only universal powers can change. However, my problem is not there; my problem is, as the headline suggests, with the LGBT community, but then of course I don't mean all of that community. I am directing this to the brainwashed teens
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