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My Problem with the LGBT Community

Over those past few years, minority groups started getting more of their rights, or at least what they claim they are, including the so called LGBT community. Among those people are some who deserve them and some who do not. I'm not here to offend nor to defend anybody, but I'll be using my usual neutrality to explain a few logical ideas to humans from homosexuals to heterosexuals to bisexuals to homophobes, and I hope what I say gets understood.

As I said, I am not here to offend. I definitely do not have a problem with a person because of their gender or sexual preference. Actually, I do not have a problem with any human as long as they respect me and do not bother me. Homosexuality has always existed in human nature, and it's something only universal powers can change. However, my problem is not there; my problem is, as the headline suggests, with the LGBT community, but then of course I don't mean all of that community. I am directing this to the brainwashed teens of the LGBT community.

Yes, brainwashed teens. In 1941, homosexuality in the US was approximated to 4% of the population, including those who are open about it and those who are not. Nowadays, it is claimed that they form about 10% of the population, but studies show homosexuality in the US now is about only 1-2%. Then how is that so? The answer is the LGBT community. Even though some homosexuals decline being counted as part of the LGBT community or any type of group that classifies them or makes them appear superior to other people, others do count themselves part of it and form that 1-2% of actual genetically homosexual people. The rest 8-9% are only brainwashed people who are mostly born sexually straight. That's true; teens are known for their malleable minds that would accept anything that is claimed as right, and so they like to experiment. Take ISIS, most of its fighters are brainwashed 18 and 19 year olds who do not even have a single idea what they are fighting for; all they know is the extremism and the dogmas planted in their heads. That is the same for LGBT, no matter how much more peaceful their intentions may be. Teens today absorb a lot more than before, and that's how they start, one by one, claiming that they have changed their sex. For them it's as easy as changing their shoes. Born straight, turned gay. It's that simple for them. And that's how it adds up to 10%. I have met a group of friends that were my age and some even younger, and each one of them had a label for themselves: gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, you name it. And there was that dude who changes sexuality every few minutes, but one of them was straight to complete the cocktail. None is really what they claim to be, they're just brainwashed kids having fun. This is something I really dislike about the LGBT community.

Another thing I dislike about LGBT people is their union. What I mean by that is that they stick together like they're some army or something, and they try hard to keep their label as LGBT and would not accept anyone else. Normally, straight people would not even think about uniting just because of their sexual preference. On the other hand, LGBT people can get easily offended even if it weren't even a speech directed to them. They'd just do anything to prove that they exist. In the 80's a gay man was the happiest man alive; it's how the term 'gay' was derived in the first place, as gay literally means happy. That is no more today. I know some people whom I never knew were homosexual before they started talking about it. I simply do not care who you would want to sleep with, and unless I ask you or offend you, why should you even mention it? It would be just like telling me your religion for no apparent reason. I do not care as long as you are human and you respect me. LGBT people, if you want your rights, I can do nothing for you, but a protest probably can help. So stop mentioning it everywhere you go, it's annoying, really.

One more thing I find wrong about LGBT is their desire for same-sex marriage. When they say love is love, it's really a different story. Marriage is not always about love. Marriage was formed to organize the way humans reproduce and raise children. Every child has a mother and a father for a reason. A mother has her duties with the very first being breastfeeding, and a father has his job. Both genders are required to raise a child correctly. Even some same-sex couples are aware of that, that they might not open up to their children, and those children might be either adopted or born by one of their parents with a partner of the opposite sex. The whole thing is just plain dumb and complicated. In my opinion, staying boyfriends/girlfriends is the better option. Probably then love would be love.

The LGBT in my opinion ruined homosexuality the same way Zionism ruined Judaism. Society generally hates homosexuals and Jews now because of those 2 rightist groups. Also same thing with ISIS and Islam. The LGBT movement is part of the American war on the world and the United States' attempt to take over the world by deleting cultures and traditions. According to M.D. Frank Joseph, 25-33% of homosexuals and lesbians are alcoholics, and 41% of homosexuals say they have had sex with strangers in public restrooms, while 60% say they have had sex with strangers in bathhouses, and 64% of these encounters have involved the use of illegal drugs. This is part of the CIA/Illuminati movement on the people of America, and it worked to some extent, with the biggest example being Americans electing Donald Trump as president. Frank also states that 73% of psychiatrists say homosexuals are less happy than the average person and that the unhappiness is not due to social stigmatization. This unhappiness leads them to committing suicide and developing health problems, mostly AIDs due to the intercourse they have, which is way more than the average straight person. This is common among the LGBT community, especially that they are usually less stable emotionally (which is also a reason why they get brainwashed).

One more thing I will talk about is related to trans-gender. Again, I am not against it as long as the person was born genetically different. My problem here is the way some opposite-sex couples each switch their gender; as in the guy becomes a girl and the girl becomes a guy, and they stay together. I have no idea what kind of outer space idea that is, but in my opinion it's just a dumb way for rich kids to spend the money they don't know what to do with. Do such couples even have feelings for each other? Nobody knows.

I hope I did not offend any specific groups but rather cleared a point. I am against any type of group or unity that combines a specific entity against other people. I believe every human is the same. This was rather an attack on the way the term 'LGBT' is brainwashing our teens and a call for people to stop it before it's too late. Genetically homosexual people have nothing to do with those emotionally unstable born-straight teens. And I hope parents raise their children correctly and make them aware of everything so those children can differentiate between their genders and others'. Homosexuals may have gotten equal human rights as straight people recently, but we should stay aware they are actual homosexuals and not just LGBT members trying to follow the trends.